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Video is king of the internet...

and you can be part of it. Video is the highest rated way to deliver messages in today’s world. It's a visual, compelling way to demonstrate your point of difference to clients.

Mobile app

Use our mobile app to send a video from your mobile device with a few taps! Or you may play the videos on your device at the client's home.


Have a listing tonight? Send "Pricing Your Home to Sell" to get it priced right. Work FSBOs? Have them watch "Selling By Owner" to see how difficult the process is.

After the listing, send "Preparing Your Home to Sell" to get the listing ready for photos and showings.

These videos are brief (14-19 minutes) and will capture the attention of the most impatient internet viewer.

Watch an overview HERE


Email videos for online viewing

This monthly subscription allows you to email any video to any prospect or client for unlimited viewing.

Select a video, select a client, then our system emails a link to your client. In the mobile app, tap the video then tap an address to send.

Professional Viewing Experience

Your prospect or client opens the email, clicks on the link and watches the video on a professonal viewing page. You're notified when they watch.

Sending Subscription

NOTE: These subscriptions are for individual agents only. We also offer accounts for teams, offices and companies. Although views are unlimited, David Knox Productions, Inc. has the right to terminate an account for misuse, excessive views or abuse.

Display on your website

In addition to the sending features, the Showcase option provides you embed code for you to frame on any or all your websites.

Visitors may play any video by merely entering their name and email so you'll know who watched.

Actual customer sample.

Capture Leads

You get an email notifying of you of this viewing and your History Page updates with their information.

Easier sending

Instead of emailing a video, you could just verbally direct someone to watch on your consumer video website page.

Showcase Subscription $29.77/month.

Includes sending feature.