HowIt Works

Select a video   Send a video   Client watches   You're notified

You may choose from six standard videos and four support videos.

If you are in competition for a listing, send “Selecting Your Real Estate Agent.”

Expecting a listing price objection? Send "Pricing Your Home to Sell." 

After you get the listing, sent "Preparing Your Home to sell." Create loyal, educated buyers with “8 Steps to Buying a Home.” 

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From your computer or mobile device, enter client information. Send by email or share by text.

The video is personalized with your name, company, telephone and email in white text on the bottom of each video.

Use the mobile app to play on, or send from your mobile device. Tap the share icon, then choose a person from your contacts list or enter a new one. (Email editing is not available in the app.)

GET THE APP: Search for "Knox Videos" in the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Your client opens the email or text then clicks on the link.
The video plays on a professionally designed player page.
An image of the original DVD cover is on the left, an outline of the video is below and the player is on the right.
All of your personal information appears on the page and the video.


When your client watches the video, you’re notified by email and your account history updates.
No longer will you wonder if your clients watch the video. You’ll know when to follow up.
The History page lists every video you’ve sent. You see client names, the video, the date you sent and the date they watched.

HowTo Use

Immediate online delivery

By making them available for online delivery, you gain additional advantages. In this internet environment that requires immediate response, these videos can be delivered instantly so you capture the prospects first. This also showcases your technical expertise…a skill today’s buyers and sellers value.

Lead generator

Use these videos as lead generators by promoting their availability in all your electronic media. Frame our video promotion page on your web site, then place links to it in your social media and blogs. You set yourself apart by offering valuable information to prospects.

You may ask, “Can I have these videos play on my web site?” This would defeat the purpose of lead generation. If it just played on your web site, the cost would be prohibitive because you couldn’t control the views, and the value would be wasted because you couldn’t capture their information. You want to collect their name and email before you allow them to view the video.

With our email notification and history page, you’ll know when they’ve viewed the video so you can time your follow-up calls perfectly. You also have a good reason to call back and discuss what they learned.

Email to prospect lists. Offer the videos and provide the link to the video promotional page.

Discuss them in blogs. Offer advice on some key issue include a mention to the videos. Make the word “videos” a hyperlink right to your page.

Place the link on open house flyers and tell your visitors about the video offering.

Offer videos in print media and classified ads. Now they have another reason to go to your site besides just the property.


Send “Selling By Owner” to FSBOs to show them the difficulty of the process. You’ll have a reason to call back and continue to follow up.

Send “Expired Listing” to Expireds to provide hope that re-listing with you sell their home.

Send “How to Select a Real Estate Agent” before your listing presentation so they’ll the recognize competence you demonstrate in your listing presentation. It also pre-conditions them to pay for value to reduce commission objections.

Send “Pricing Your Home to Sell” before your CMA presentation to overcome pricing objections and teach them the importance of pricing right.

Send “Preparing Your Home to Sell” after you get the listing so sellers will convert their home from living condition to showing condition. This sensitive area is best left to an objective third party.


Send “8 Steps to Buying a Home” before the qualifying interview to instill loyalty and teach buyers the process and before the showings create urgency and flexibility in negotiations.

Consumer Video Limitations

As good as this service is, there are limits of which you must be aware. Have a backup plan for the situations below. The easiest solution is to send the DVDs as you have been.

Computer required

Your prospect will need a computer and internet connection or a mobile device. Our video is a higher resolution that requires higher bandwidth. The video may stall on slow connections. One solution is to show the videos on your mobile device using our mobile app. For those without computers or who are uncomfortable with online technology, use the physical DVD delivery

Corporate firewalls

Most large corporations have firewalls that prevent viewing video. Ours run in a software called Flash with is denied by some of these firewalls. They will have to watch this on their home computers or personal mobile device.

Technical difficulties

There may be some people who don’t have the latest version of video software like QuickTime, Flash or Windows Media Player and may need to upgrade. Much of this may be overccome if they watch on their mobile device.

Spam filters

Spam has destroyed the ease with which we communicate by email. It is possible that your email will get caught in their spam filters. We have done our best to be sure our mail server is “white listed” to get past most filters.