HowTo Use


1. Offer Value

Set yourself apart by offering high quality content to prospects so they offer lead capture information.

Frame our Showcase page on your website

Add more value to your website and create a way to capture leads. This service offers a valuable incentive for visitors to provide their information. You may customize the headline, body and sign-in instructions.

This page won't create traffic but it may keep visitors on your website and you'll have another reason to send prospects there.

When you frame the lead-capture "Showcase" page, visitors may watch videos right on your website. After they watch a video, you will have their contact information.

Check out actual showcase pages:

Tom Bushey
Sam Miller


This high-tech, online world requires immediate response to prospect inquiries. Showcase your technical expertise and gain the advantage with fast delivery of these videos. Email a link right away to keep their interest and capture their information. Great for out-of-towners.

Social media

The key to social media is being relevant...providing content that meet the needs of consumers. Discuss the content of these videos in your social media to add value to your posts. Place a hyperlink to your consumer video Showcase page.


Send the "Expired Listing " video to owners of recently expired listings. Send it to your OWN listings before they expire.


Discuss the key points of a video as the focus of your blog and include a hyperlink to the video Showcase page. Generate your own traffic!


Offer the videos in print media and classified ads. Now prospects have another reason to visit your web site besides just the property. When they visit, you have a chance to capture their information.

Email blasts

Send an email to your prospect lists with the link to the video promotional page. Interested parties will request a view and you can capture them as prospects. Put this link in all your emails.


Offer the “Selling By Owner” video as a way to make contact, capture their information and begin the relationship.

2. Convert Prospects

After securing a lead, use these videos to demonstrate your value and convert them to clients.
If you work with out-of-town prospects, this is perfect for you.


Having captured a FSBO lead, the “Selling by Owner” video will show homeowners the importance of listing with a professional.

Distressed sellers

The Short Sale video will help sellers determine whether or not they are eligible for the short sale to avoid foreclosure and will appreciate your assistance.

Open House

Convert open house visitors to buyers with the “8 Steps to Buying a Home” video. You’ll get accurate information because they’ll want to see the video.


Through mail, telephone, or personal visit, offer to send them the “Expired Listing” video. They'll learn that re-listing with you at the market value is the right choice.

Follow up

With our email notification and history page, you’ll know when they’ve watched so you can time your follow-up and have a reason to call back to discuss.


When you’re competing for a listing, these videos will set you apart and give you an unfair advantage over your competition.


Teach loyalty, agency and the importance of being realistic in negotiations. Teach your buyers to buy, buy now and buy from you.

3. Educate Clients

Educated clients make better decisions and act faster after watching these videos.

Get the listing

Send “Selecting Your Real Estate Agent” before your appointment so they’ll then recognize the competence you demonstrate in your listing presentation.

Price it right

Send “Pricing Your Home to Sell” before your CMA presentation to overcome pricing objections and teach them the importance of pricing right.

Clean it up

Send “Preparing Your Home to Sell” after you get the listing so sellers will convert their home from living condition to showing condition.

Convert FSBO

If one of your sellers is considering selling by owner, nip this in the bud by having them watch “Selling By Owner” before they make their decision.

Commission objections

“How to Select a Real Estate Agent” will pre-condition sellers to recognize and pay for value to reduce commission objections.

Make sales

Send “8 Steps to Buying a Home” before the qualifying interview to instill loyalty and teach buyers the process.

Make sales faster

Send “8 Steps to Buying a Home” before the showings create urgency and flexibility in negotiations.

Promote your CRS

If you are a Certified Residential Specialist, show your buyers and sellers level of expertise you bring as a CRS. The CRS versions contain an additional two minutes on your designation.