8 steps to buying a home cover

Buying a home is fun and exciting, yet can be an overwhelming process. This video covers some of the tyical financing options that homebuyers consider when talking to a lender.

Selecting your real estate agent crs cover

This video will provide you with specific measurable criteria for evaluating the capabilities of a real estate agent. You will learn how to evaluate their ability to handle: Marketing management, Exposure to agents, Exposure to public, Securing prospects Demonstrating the home, Securing an agreement to Purchase and Closing the transaction.

8 steps to buying a home crs cover

This video will show you how to find and own your next home easier by following an organized plan. You will learn the process of: Preparing to buy, Meeting with an agent, Establishing your price range and financing, Determining your housing requirements, House hunting, Completing the purchase agreement, Negotiating the purchase and Closing the sale.